I have worked full time in this field for 25+ years. Founded Lead 2 Succeed in 2005, worked as a senior consultant in Personal Management International 1993 - 2006 and as a teacher at GIS-International in Estonia and Denmark.​

In my youth I earned experience from many different working environments and positions; From crane driver to book keeper in New York. From advertising agent to child pedagogue.

I have a solid employee's perspective as well as a leader's - and owner's perspective, and it is my experience that ethics, probity and well-being is most profitable, both in the long and short term.​

My educational background: I have a bachelor degree in social science from Roskilde University Center, am educated and trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist and Business consultant at GIS-International, and were masters trained at PMI.​

Furthermore I joined countless workshops and seminars e.g. bioenergetics, personal leadership and coaching, change development training, business transformation, psychodrama, TRE (trauma releasing exercises), art therapy, vocal expression, couple counseling, and family counseling. 

About Lead 2 Succeed

Lead 2 Succeed is a niche business consultancy established in 2005, based on Gestalt principles. We specialize in leadership training, employee development, individual coaching, team coaching, stress- and crisis-counseling, personal and couple therapy, and conflict resolution.


Our core competence is deepening and improving emotional and social competences within and amongst people, to enable leaders and employees to create trust, wellbeing, synergy, meaning and life-quality and thus exceed the boundaries for added value, growth and results within their organization.

Lead 2 Succeed offers genuine qualitative human development to individuals, teams, and whole organizations primarily in Europe. We are specialists in accessing the deeper and finer resources and qualities, all people carry, out in the open. And when unfolded the reward is improved collaboration, wellbeing, energy and not least great results.

Our consultants are all experienced business consultants/ coaches/ psychotherapists, having solid expertise and knowhow to meet all varieties of needs - from existential crises and layoffs - to consolidation and fine-tuning successful progress. All of us are experts in human development through own comprehensive personal development process, maturation, profound training, master class and supervision.


Lead 2 Succeed continuously seek to enhance it's core competence; applying, deepening and improving emotional and social competences within and amongst people for creation of greater results. Offering maturation of skills in leaders and employees to enhance trust, wellbeing, gratification and experienced life-quality to stretch the boundaries of growth, value and business ROI.

It is Lead 2 Succeed's ambition to keep a front position in it's niche field of enhancing human acoustic skills for the benefit of productivity, innovation and great results in businesses.

"My passion is to facilitate great results by improving peoples awareness and skills."


My core expertise is human development; Social and emotional skill development in many areas; leadership training, team coaching, individual coaching and counseling, business development, stress support, Individual counseling, couple counseling, conflict resolution, facilitation, supervision, and change implementation.

About Søren Ewans Porting

What is Gestalt ?

Gestalt is originally a therapeutic approach that offers a wonderfully positive perspective on life and the wider world around us. Gestalt theory is concerned with the whole person, encouraging a balance between body, feeling, intellect and imagination. In psychotherapy, the Gestalt approach understands people as being inextricably linked with their environments, both affecting and affected by the context in which a person lives.

The Gestalt approach is typically lively, creative, interactive and experimental – and always focused on the Here and Now.

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