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Holistic Team-Coaching

Holistic Team-coaching is a dialogical awareness enhancing method which stimulates:

  • Team spirit

  • Innovative thinking

  • Behavioural change

  • Emotional awareness

  • Interpersonal development


and sharpens the self-leadership and the sense of co-operational quality. Furthermore team-coaching significantly enhances the level of trust between the team members. The method basis is Gestalt methodology, which is a phenomenological branch of Positive Psychology.

Teachings and themes are not predefined concepts and standardised theory, but inspired and adapted to the concrete situation, interest and context of the team from now on onward. Which also provides an opportunity to change and adjust the agenda for team coaching along the way with no loss of yield or quality.


The method is both investigative, immersive and intuitively process-oriented. Which provides a dual-action training; development of the subject perspectives, and training in process-related action orientation.


Agendas which prove essential for the team during the process, will inspire our focus and influence how we work. In this way we ensure optimal relevance, accountability and quality of the team.

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